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Ancient Creations wheel thrown Ceramic Vases in Teal, Purple and Royal Blue with organically grown flowers in them!

The Perfect Conscious Gift for any Occasion

Class with a Spotlight on Sustainability

A ceramic vase with orchids decorated in kintsuki gold to illustrate that ceramic is forever
Ancient Creations master potter hands throwing an Ancient Creations Enterprises Bud Vase on the pottery wheel with caption, 'from our hands to yours'

 Earthenware from Recycled Clay

Ceramic is Forever

Human-Ecosystem Equilibrium

Produced with 100% Renewable Energy

Reducing Unnecessary Excess while creating a decadent finished product.

Ancient Creations Enterprises was born from the desire of our large extended family and team of artists to live in a more balanced and beautiful world, while minimizing our ecological impact as a family, and as a home business and ceramic production studio.

Since 1995 we have followed this belief, with each line of Ancient Creations ceramic gift items being designed to create a conscious consumption cycle that benefits everyone.

We recycle every scrap of clay that is brought into our studio, strive to use only the most pure, biodegradable, and food safe finishes, and 100% of the electricity used to fire our kilns comes from hydro-electric generated power.

Our home studio is surrounded by extensively landscaped grounds, (bursting with the flowers that inspire our line of handmade ceramic flower vases), and completely organically raised gardens, all fertilized with our large scale composting operation!

 Then, of course, you have the fact that ceramics are some of the most permanent and time tested items throughout history, able to withstand pretty much anything, and leaving only a positive and green footprint!

 Browse our 100% handcrafted artisan bud vases, and purchase today to join our community of sustainable shoppers.

Ancient Creations Potter wheel-throwing a flower vase

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